Decorative Materials & Rock


Gorilla Hair Bark

Primarily redwood bark. Has a more "furry" look than other decorative barks. Recommended for flat or hill coverage.


Walk on Bark

A blend of cedar, and redwood. Offers a much heavier coverage. Not recommended on sloped areas. 

Playground Chips

Wood playground chips. Used for parks under commercial and home play structures. All natural, undyed wood chips.


Decomposed Granite (D.G.)

Similar to sand in appearance, but with practical uses that include its incorporation into paving and driveway materials. Compacts well for pathways and between pavers.


Also known as river rock. Used for decorative landscaping. Multiple sizes available. 

Pea Gravel

Small rounded stones used in concrete surfaces and, most popularly walkways.  We carry a grey and a quarts color.


Road Base

Primarily used for driveways and pads, because it has fines that compact. We carry both greenstone and limestone varieties. 

3/4" Crush

Recommended for heavily traveled flat roads. 

Also known as 3/4" Clean.

Cold Patch

A type of generally recycled asphalt used to repair potholes, cracks and fissures in roads and driveways. 


Pathway Fines

Small rock, very grey/ blue in color. Used for pathways.


We carry both washed sand & PG&E spec sand in a variety of colors. Used in construction, utility installation and landscaping.

Jungle Dirt

Planting soil high in organic nitrogen, temp tested compost, pearlite, and worm castings. Created specifically for plant that require supplement growth. 

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